In this ever expanding cosmos, we are surrounded by energy in all things living and non-living. The only role we play as a part of that cosmos is to keep a balance of energy. Energy doesn’t need to be defined in the context of any religion or culture. We have it within us and every thing around us has energy within itself. As per my belief, spirituality means to live with true spirit – by understanding and connecting with our existence as well as with the energies around us. 

In today’s time we’re surrounded by so many things that it has become difficult to connect with ourselves. How long and how often can we sit with eyes closed, not shrouded in thoughts? 

As we start to connect with ourselves, we begin to shed certain ideas and absorb new perspectives, and in this process we undertake a journey within. The best part is that it’s not to achieve or understand something complex, but to live the meaning of life in a simpler way. It’s not to make life easier - because surviving has never been easy – rather it will make it more meaningful by having a deeper sense of existence. 

Every individual has their own approach to a spiritual practice. If a person is mindful about their breathing, that can be their practice, if a person is tending to their garden each day, that can also be spirituality. It can be one part of your life, and it can be your entire life – one is not less or more than the other, it’s just an individual’s path and purpose as to which approach they choose to take. There’s no competition, no limit to being spiritual in the way you choose to be. It’s an individual’s journey to finding their spirituality and to feel content in it.

We have the choice to define our spiritual practice depending on our circumstances in life. However, it cannot be bound by expectations – we cannot define where this journey will take us. It’s free movement – something that does not impose, compare, restrict or compel us in any way.

In today’s time, so many of us see spirituality as an unattainable target – irony is that we’re looking at a concept which is the most simple to live but it has become so difficult because mankind has made it appear so. We think spirituality is just a higher possibility but in reality it is how we were meant to live – connected to ourselves and nature. One essence of life is inside us and another essence of life outside us.  The interconnection of the two is what gives life meaning.

The most beautiful thing about spirituality is that two people who come from two entirely different worlds can connect through spirituality. It has the potential to do away with differences in one way or the other – the main reason being that it is simply based on how we live and perceive the purpose of this life. The best way to define spirituality is that it is the connection to our own energy and the energies around us.

It’s unfortunate that we often come across judgment about spirituality. If one is unable to comprehend or understand another’s approach to spirituality, they question it or even dismiss it. Perhaps the other’s perspective is beyond their understanding, or just far away from their idea of it – that doesn’t make it any less than their own approach. Spirituality is unique for everyone because every person is unique. The way each individual feels, thinks, loves, perceives is so different and all of those things play a role in how we connect to energies. One way is not the only way – spirituality is everywhere, in everything - so each to his own!

If one truly understands it, then one will always be able to make space for other people's perspectives. Everyone has their own way of feeling aligned with the meaning they attach to life. Does it make sense to seek validation for it, when it is uniquely your own truth. There is no hierarchy, but rather different parallels existing at the same level. Spirituality exists in various forms and we are free to choose our own.

By Sidhant Mann

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